Total Tolstoy
Media installation
Used media:
video (duration – 11'00"; color was generated in Jitter);
audio (duration – 11'00"; sound was generated in Max 8).

Presented exposition version:
The video is projected on the rear projection screen.
The sound is played with audio system.

Project description:
Selfishness - madness. Madness - selfishness
Leo Tolstoy, a diary record from 4th of November 1902.
Leo Tolstoy is one of the most significant Russian culture figures. At some point, the common image of Tolstoy's figure separated from the real person. We may assume that his ego had segregated from him. While the real Tolstoy had chosen the ascetic and socially isolated path, his common image was powerful and can even influence on the Royal politics and the Emperor decisions.

That is why I concentrate on the topic of egoism.
The paradox is that Tolstoy reckoned egoism as one of the greatest human vices. But at the same time, his influence on his relatives, peasants, contemporaries and friends was tremendous. He had known and used this.

In my work, I concentrate on the analysis of Tolstoy's diaries from 1901 (the year of the Orthodox church excommunication) to 1910 years – the year of the death. In this period the writer resumed his life results.

Audio: Tolstoy's "choir" had been constructed in Max MSP. The "choir" consist of 10 Tolstoy's voices. Each voice is a sinusoid signal with the frequency counted by the next formula: 1 using of the personal pronoun "I" during the year is equal to 1 Hz. It means that 78 usages of "I" during 1901 produce 78 Hz sinusoid signal, 54 "I" in 1902 is 54 Hz signal and so on. Each year have a minute duration. All the ten voices sound simultaneous, but the voice of the current year – soloist – sounds loudly than others. The soloist voice flows gradually from the 1901 year to the 1902 year and so on. The last minute – the minute of silence.

Video: During the diary text analyzing I count all the usage of pronouns "I", "We" and a word "God" in each year.
The resulting color stain is produced in Jitter interface with RGB-generator. The stain shows confrontation/interaction among "I" - Red, "We" - Green, and "God" - Blue.
The pronoun "I" is a representation of Tolstoy's ego.
The pronoun "We" shows an identity of Leo as a part of the society.
Word "God" represents the influence of a "God" concept on Tolstoy.
The value of each channel gradually changes from the 1901 year to 1902 and so on.
The last minute – the minute of darkness.
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